The Fixeur

The Fixeur is the result of a long development. What looks so simple at the end has cost us a lot of headaches. How can it be made even easier, how is the attachment simple, which manufacturing method and which material is best suited? How do we avoid marks on the fork of your beloved bike? All for the one goal: a safer and quieter piece of luggage on the bike, the most efficient means of transport of all.

Tech Specs

The main part is made of 19g aluminum and is made by die casting. The tie rod weighs less than a gram and directs the dyneema line into a loop and provides the necessary tension. The fixeur sits bombproof on the fork. The screw, which is guided into the bracket from below, ensures the presetting of the length of the rope. The bracket can be attached to any cross section of the fork. The assembly does not take long and leaves hardly any traces in the paintwork


How it drives

Unlike a bicycle basket, the bags from Fixeur Studios feels surprisingly neutral when riding. This is due to the fact that the center of gravity of the bag is on the one hand low and on the other hand in the vertical very close above the contact point of the front wheel..

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